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  •                            ~The best moment is decorated with the hotel wedding rooted in the area~

    Attraction of hotel wedding

     ! Boasting local produce errand dishes
        Wedding menu that maximizes the charm of the seasonal ingredients
        You can also make your own original menu.
     ! Wedding venue tailored to both families
        Three wedding venues that can be coordinated according to your theme
        One of the "hospitality" of the hotel

     ! Distant guests are also safe accommodation
        Special discount available!
        The room is large so you can relax fully

     ! Meals at restaurant on anniversary
        Celebrate the two anniversary at the French restaurant!

     ! 5 minutes on foot from the nearest station
        Good access from Shinjo Station!

  • Wedding style

    ◆Chapel, marble Virgin Road impressive Crystal Chapel

    ◆Temple, a temple that combines "three thirds degree" cup of rape and bride with a bride and groom

    ◆Traditional Tozawa Shrine ceremonially carried out at Tozawa Shrine in an Tozawa Shrine atmosphere wearing pure white kimono wearing ancient Kamigami

    ◆Private ceremony, at home homes swear eternal love without being caught up on religion
  •         ! , Venue tour & consultation, Please do not hesitate to come!

    What is hotel wedding like?
    I would like to see the chapel / temple!
    What should I do?

       First of all, please visit the venue and consult, feel free!

    Please consult about wedding matters!
    Please tell us your hope and more!

    Please make a reservation in advance to see the venue and consultation.
    Phone, until 0233-23-1111, until!