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Highly rated breakfast buffet

Breakfast buffet business hours[6:30 to 9:00】

A passion for local production and a rich menu

An inn with local production and local consumption that connects people and food! A popular Japanese and Western buffet using Mogami local ingredients!

Speaking of Yamagata's local cuisine... "Imoni"

The Imonikai is thought to have originated during the Edo period, when people would hang pots on pine branches on Mogami River banks of the Mogami River and boil potatoes together to eat.Since then, in Yamagata, when taro is harvested in the fall, it has become a tradition for people to build a hearth by piling stones on the riverbank and eat "imo-ni," a dish made with taro, konnyaku, green onions, and beef instead of dried cod.
  • Imoni

    Imoni from Mogami region, which includes Shinjo City, is flavored with soy sauce and contains lots of local mushrooms such as maitake and buna shimeji.Although the Imoni Kai party brings to mind autumn images, at New Grand Hotel it is on the breakfast menu so that guests can enjoy it all year round.