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Sunday only omelet

Breakfast buffet business hours[6:30 to 9:00】

Price: 1,500 yen (excluding tax) per person(1,650 yen including tax)

An inn with local production and local consumption that connects people and food! The Japanese and Western breakfast buffet made with Mogami local ingredients is popular!

Please enjoy ``safe and delicious dishes that make use of local specialties that are blessed with nature.''
  • Buffet Breakfast

    The chief chef carefully selects the agricultural products of the Mogami eight municipalities and purchases them directly from local producers, so we offer fresh and nutritious dishes.The Mogami region is blessed with abundant soil and clean rivers such as the Oguni River and Mogami River River, where various agricultural products can be harvested according to the season.Please enjoy eating "safe and delicious food that makes the best use of local specialties blessed with nature".