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  • 5 minutes walk from Shinjo Station.We will respond to various requests such as various banquets and meetings.
    We look forward to welcoming you with dishes made with local ingredients and service with a smile.

    ■Reservations/Inquiries■ New Grand Hotel Sales Department 0233-23-1111(teenager)

Banquet plan information

  • For year-end parties and various meetings ~Banquet plan ~

    Banquets add extravagant color to various gatherings.We look forward to serving you with hearty food and hospitality.

    Japanese, Western, Chinese and eclectic cuisine + all-you-can-drink
    ①7,500 yen(Tax and service charge included)
    ②8,000 yen(Tax and service charge included)

    All-you-can-drink:Beer, whiskey, shochu, sake, non-alcoholic beer, oolong tea, orange juice

    ※The photograph is an image.
    ※The menu may change depending on the season.
    ※We can also prepare original menus depending on the number of people and your budget, so please feel free to contact us.
  • Conference packs available

    It can be used for meetings, meetings, meetings, etc.

    4,500 yen per person(Tax and service charge included)

    Venue fee included Lunch box and coffee included
    Hours of operation: 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM(3 hours including lunch and coffee time)
    ※In the case of time extension, the prescribed extension fee will be charged.
    Limited plan from Monday to Thursday(Excluding days before holidays and holidays)
    Capacity 10 to 24 people
  • How about a party set?

    Enjoy the hotel chef's special menu at home

    ■5,000 JPY
    Seafood salad/Beef loin steak with wasabi sauce
    Fried chicken/Asparagus beef-wrapped tempura
    Shrimp chili/Stir-fried pork with oyster sauce

    ■3,500 JPY
    Seafood salad/Roast pork tomato sauce decoration
    Garlic chicken / sweet and sour sauce with meat dumplings
    Deep-fried shrimp/Young chicken sesame sauce

    Reservations must be made 3 days before 12:00 noon.
    Pick-up time is from 11:00 to 18:00.

Venue information

  • Suehironoma 3rd floor

    A banquet hall that can be divided into two.
    We support a wide range of uses such as meetings, welcome and farewell parties, and lectures.

    [Capacity]  Round table:128 people Standing behind:160 people School:140 people theater:250 people

    ※To prevent the spread of infection, we are currently reducing the number of people we can accommodate.
  • 4th floor sun rose

    It is a bright space and can be used for small groups such as dinners and meetings.

    [Capacity] Round table:72 people School:70 people theater:200 people

    ※To prevent the spread of infection, we are currently reducing the number of people we can accommodate.
  • 2nd floor Karin        Capacity 20 people
    2nd floor Nadeshiko      Capacity 24 people
    4th floor Queen Alice Capacity 8 people