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  • Pleasure in one place, wedding reception, gifts, legal remembrance of the deceased.
    Buddy friends, year-end party that endorses the work of one year.
    All are provided by the New Grand Hotel.

Banquet plan information

  • Conference Pack

    Venue fee + lunch box with coffee!

    ♦ ¥ 2,500 per person

    ♦ Operating hours AM 9:00 to PM 3:00

    ♦ From 10 people ~

    ~Please use for meetings and meetings~

Banquet hall information

  • A large banquet hall where 200 people can gather together in one place,
    We boast thorough facilities and content to meet the wide range of use of everyone.
  • Suehironoma

    Arrange freely according to the number of guests.
    A rich dining style, an athome party ....
    We arrange table coordination such as flower arrangement and candle in detail according to your wishes.
  • sun rose

    "sun rose" is best for casual parties.
    It is the best location to toast while watching the green.
    The garden continuing from the floor is also a good impression.It is also recommended for the night wedding where the lights and stars of the town blink.