~About restaurant business from August 1~
We will restart some of the restaurants from August!
We are waiting for our customers who are looking forward to opening!
Please see the restaurant page for details.

【Official】New Grand Hotel Shinjo

About safety measures for new corona infectious disease

Thank you for your continued patronage.We would like to ask all of you how much you have been concerned about the spread of new coronavirus infections.
The hotel puts the health and safety of customers and employees first, and takes the following measures so that customers can use them with peace of mind.
We understand that there are many inconveniences to our customers, but please understand.

GOTO Travel Campaign

  • Regarding direct reservations and reservations from the official website

    If you are planning to use the GOTO Travel Campaign for staying from September 1st, please make a reservation from the following reservation sites.
    For a while, direct reservations and campaigns on the official website will not be covered. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.We will inform you when the situation changes.

    Rakuten https://travel.rakuten.co.jp/HOTEL/17757/17757.html
    Jalan https://www.jalan.net/yad320576/
    Other reservation sites

Main efforts

  • Implementation of temperature measurement,Expansion of alcohol disinfectant

    ① Request for temperature measurement

     At the front desk, we ask for the cooperation of non-contact thermometers for temperature measurement.
    If you have a fever of 37.5 degrees or higher, or if you feel unwell, please ask the front desk staff when entering the building.

    ② Addition of alcohol disinfectant

     We have added disinfectant solutions to the lobby, restaurants, and banquet halls on each floor, and are working to create a safe and secure environment that is easier for customers to use.We appreciate your cooperation in alcohol disinfection.
  • Installation of acrylic board,Wearing masks and faceguards for employees

    ③Installation of acrylic board

     For the safety and security of our customers, we have installed an acrylic plate on the front counter as part of measures to prevent corona, and are working on cutting splashes.

    ④ Wearing masks and face guards for employees

     Considering the health and safety of our customers and public health, some staff wear masks to our customers.If necessary, we may wear face guards when serving customers.
  • Strengthening regular disinfection,Thorough ventilation,Employee temperature measurement

    ④ Strengthen regular disinfection

     We regularly perform alcohol disinfection on door knobs, doors, elevator buttons, inside guest rooms, restaurants and other places where customers often come into contact.

    ⑤ Thorough ventilation

     We regularly ventilate the lobby and guest rooms.

    ⑥ Employee temperature measurement

     Employees take thorough temperature measurements when they come to or leave the office.We also regularly wash our hands and disinfect our hands with alcohol.


Google Map

Hotel Name

New Grand Hotel


4-23 Wakaba Town, Shinjo City, Yamagata Prefecture

Telephone number



About 5 minutes on foot from Shinjo Station West Gate (Shinjo Station West Gate the front of the gate)
Go to the traffic access page

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