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  • Local production for local consumption French restaurant Re Voir

    Passion for the food of the Mogami region,
    French restaurant to pursue the Mogami taste

    Think first to keep making cooking satisfying customers satisfactory,
    We offer a wide range of menus using fresh ingredients of the local season.

     ◎ What is Re Voir (Re · Voir)···
       Re (again) · Voir (see) by French word = reunion
       We hope to see you again with our customers. . .
       With the wishes of saying·····.
  • Breakfast (opening hours, 6: 45-9: 30) The menu has been completely redesigned!

    ☆Enjoy a delicious breakfast at the start of a good trip.☆

    It is a Yamagata lineup buffet breakfast!
    Welcome use of breakfast only!

    Yamagata noodle stew
    Mushroom curry
    Rice with Yamagata Prefecture
    miso soup
    butter roll
    Chocolate Denish
    Pound Cake
    Seasonal fruits
    Salad Buffet
    Grilled salmon with salt
    Deep fried chicken
    Chobi with boiled pork belly
    Scrambled eggs
    Rice dumpling of rice pork roast pork
    Boiled Chikuzen
    Thick grilled egg
    Boiled pumpkin
    Pickled in Shinjo
    Macaroni salad, etc.

    Other seasonal menu is available too!
    Do not forget to come and do it ~
  • Lunch(Opening Hours, 11: 30 to 14: 30, Last Order 14: 00)

    【Lunch menu only】

    ■Lunch course, ¥ 2,500(tax excluded)

    Hors d'oeuvre
    Today's soup
    Random fish dishes
    Awesome meat dish
    Today's dessert
    Homemade bread, Or, rice
    Demi coffee

     Reasonable course menu for lunch only!
     It is reasonable, but it has become with your satisfaction course content!
     Meat dishes will be pork or chicken dishes on a daily basis

    ■Weekly lunch, Single item, 700 yen(tax excluded)
            set, ¥ 1,300(tax excluded)

     Lunch with a reasonable weekly lunch only
     We prepare different lunches every week,
     You can enjoy different dishes even if you visit us many times!
    • Sweets Fair period: From 1 March to 31 March 2019
      ☆Fair for limited period from March 1 to March 31☆

      Standard, Cake piece, 270 yen (tax excluded)
        Coffee separately, 450 yen (tax excluded)

      Where! Affordable set of time only

      ☆Cake & coffee set, 500 yen (tax excluded)

      We will offer you!

      It is a set that is 220 yen more affordable than the usual charge.

      Enjoy a relaxing afternoon dessert time at the hotel!
  • Grand Menu

    ■Braised lamb and turnip, Navalan

    ■Today's fish

    ■Yamagata Wagyu Lamp Steak

    ■Yamagata Wagyu's red wine stew

    ■Rice dumpling of rice and local vegetables

    ■Daughter of rice Rice pig and cherry chicken potato

    ■Cherry chicken configuration

    ■Norway Salmon's Muniel Tomato and Capa's Provence Style

    ■French butter curry (Chicken or shrimp)

    ■Children's lunch
    • Yamagata Wagyu Beef Steak, 100 g ~
      Yamagata beef is a lean lamp steak!
      Garnish with roast of feature vegetables
      Please try tasting Yamagata beef taste!

      Single item, ¥ 1,900(tax excluded)
      set, ¥ 2,500(tax excluded), (Salad · Soup · Bread, Or, rice)

      ※The photograph is 200 g
    • Today's fish
      Recommended menu using fresh fish from Shonaihama every day
      Enjoy what fish you have since coming to the store!

      <One case>
      Muniel of the curry, Burned butter sauce
      Cod muniel, Crab's bisque sauce
      Suzuki saute, Soup de Poisson
      Baked grass with red snapper, Garbuleur sauce

      Single item, 900 yen(tax excluded)
      set, 1,500 yen(tax excluded)(Salad · soup · bread or rice)
    • Yamagata Wagyu's red wine stew
      Immersed the shank of Wagyu beef from Yamagata prefecture in red wine and the meat stewed with flavored vegetables is soft enough to be cut with chopsticks. Please enjoy while carrots puree is involved.

      Single item, ¥ 1,100 (tax excluded)
      set, 1,700 yen(tax excluded) (Salad · soup · bread or rice)
    • Braised lamb and turnip, Narrabang
      We stewed the New Zealand lamb's shoulder with soft flavored vegetables and tomatoes softly.
      Paste with powdered pasta and couscous in garnish.

      Single item, ¥ 1,100(tax excluded)
      set, 1,700 yen(tax excluded)(Salad · soup · bread or rice)
    • Confit of a cherry chicken
      Cherry flaming chicken's bones with thigh burned in cold lard for 4 hours.
      It is surprisingly soft and juicy.
      The leather is baked up with crisp and the potatoes' lyonnaise is garnished.
      Please enjoy plenty of mustard.

      Confirmed by immersing the material in grease,
      To cook by leisurely heating at a lower temperature than to deep-fried
      The flavor of French cuisine will make your meat flavor even more enjoyable!

      Single item, 900 yen(tax excluded)
      set, 1,500 yen(tax excluded)(Salad · soup · bread or rice)
    • Rice dumpling of rice and local vegetables
      Roasted slowly at low temperature thick slices of local brand swine rice daughter pig loin.
      Balanced meat of lean and lean gently moist.
      By roasting local seasonal vegetables you can taste the original sweetness of vegetables.

      Single item, 900 yen(tax excluded)
      set, 1,500 yen(tax excluded), (Salad · soup · bread or rice)
    • Rice and daughter pig and cherry chicken potato
      Salt the rice meat of the daughter of rice for 4 days.
      I made a soup by adding cherry chicken's bones with thighs to that bouillon broth.
      Also additives of root vegetables, it is tasty even without taste of raw materials while being simple!

      Single item, 1,000 yen (tax excluded)
      set, 1,600 yen(tax excluded) (Salad · soup · bread or rice)
    • French butter curry
      Re Voir original curry.
      The base is yogurt and spices.
      Chicken curry as well as cherry chicken.
      Prawn curry was added to the French shrimp 's head taken from the head of the shrimp plus plus rich.

      Single item, 800 yen(tax excluded)
      set, 1,200 yen(tax excluded)(Salad · Soup)
    • Norway Salmon's Muniel Tomato and Capa's Provence Style
      Salmon Muniel from Norway.
      The skin is crispy and plump and juicy.
      Serve with fat and potatoes, puree of potatoes, acidity of lemon and saltiness of cape, please enjoy all together.

      Single item, 900 yen(tax excluded)
      set, 1,500 yen(tax excluded) (Salad · soup · bread or rice)
    • Children's lunch
      Children's satisfied one plate kids meal!
      Drink someone you like apple juice or orange juice
      Delicious dessert is attached after meal!

      1,200 yen(tax excluded)
  • Restaurant, Private Room·Japanese-style room

          >>Please use private room and Japanese style room,<<

    Private room of Re Voir and Japanese room have a gate dead!

    Even if there are small children! Feel free lunch with mum friends!

    It is also ideal for business scenes such as entertainment and meeting.

    Please make an appointment when using it.

      Japanese style room, 4 to 8 people

      ◎ It is the capacity of a private room, 2 to 4 people.

    • Local production for local consumption French restaurant Re Voir

      Tel: 0233-23-1111 (representative)
      Business hours
      Breakfast: 6:45 to 9:30

      Lunch: 11:30 to 14:30, (Last Order 14)

      Regular holiday: Wednesday
      Table seat: 32 seats, (Table 8 Table)

      Counter seats: 7 seats

      Private Room: 2 seats to 4 seats

      Japanese-style room: 4 to 8 people